Master Electrician

Lawrence is a master electrician and certified fiber optic technician with over 30 years’ experience. He has experience in all areas including industrial, commercial institutional and residential electrical installations.

We strive to ensure that everything is handled professionally so you can remain: 

Worry & Risk Free – Frustration Free – Guess Free – Mess Free

Electrical System Upgrades

  • Electrical circuits, outlets and lights
  • LED lighting
  • Hot tubs, pools & saunas and backyard pool change rooms
  • Wiring for garages, workshops, sheds
  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans and chandelier installations
  • Childproof/tamper proof outlets
  • Whole Home Surge Protection or for computers, entertainment & appliances

Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacements

Your electrical panel is the single, most important piece of electrical safety equipment in your home. In fact, it is the heart of your home’s entire electrical system. There are a number of reasons why your electric panel may need to be replaced. The most often is outdated technology (fuses), worn out or damaged breakers or panel box, and not enough circuits to supply the needs of renovations, additions or new appliances. If you still have a fuse panel, not only is it outdated and unsafe, it is usually undersized for a home’s needs and often will be uninsurable. Whatever your reason for replacing your electrical panel, Franklin Quality Construction is here to help.

  • Experienced in residential and commercial installations in both single family or multi-family developments
  • Full electrical panel and service upgrades to meet today’s higher electrical demands
  • Rework, labeling and organizing your existing panel installation providing you with a level of comfort and peace of mind plus adding value to your home

Security System Installation & Upgrades

At Franklin Quality Construction we care about your safety, we will install a security system that will protect your family and belongings providing you with the comfort of knowing everything is secure while you are away.

  • Full security system installations and upgrades
  • Installation of security & motion lights
  • Layout, installation and testing of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Specialty Wiring Projects

  • Fiber Optics installation – Certified Fiber Optic installer
  • Vehicle Charging Station
  • Backup Generators & Transfer Switches
  • Dedicated circuits for computers, entertainment appliances, & under cabinet lighting
  • GFCI protection and timers for Christmas lights